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Welcome to Envie - Women Fit for Life

Our goal is to challenge and support you to achieve great results. Women Fit for Life is not about short-term smoke and mirrors. It's about real women, getting real results in a real community. Our studio is a place where you’ll get fitter, and happier, in a world you feel great in.

You'll find friends, neighbours, a whole community of women like yourself who are ready to make a change. A warm, friendly and open group who will help get you started, and help you keep going. And when the going gets tough, we're right beside you cheering you on.

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Group Training Sessions

Group Sessions to suit your style.... your membership includes a range of motivational indoor and outdoor Group Training sessions. Each one teaches you the very best techniques for visible results.

There is something for everyone. From those who regularly exercise to first timers, mature members, mums with bubs, pre & post natal and everyone in between.

No-joining Fee and flexible membership options - you have nothing to lose...


  • Extended hours…
    visit us when it suits you 5am to 10pm, 7days a week.
  • Group Training…
    a variety of motivating indoor & outdoor classes.
  • Kids’ Corner…
    bring your little one while you do a quick workout.
  • Supportive trainers…
    to answer any questions, guide and motivate you.


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